Low-fi Toll-free

Refarm Spectacle

October 2009

Low-fi Toll-free - For immediate relief of your anguish

Low-fi Toll-free - Refarm Spectacle

Jen Khoshbin and Paul Lewis of Refarm Spectacle, a San Antonio, Texas collaboration, invited me to participate in a sound art project called Low-fi Toll-free. Each month of the project features a different theme for the pieces. Artists, writers, musicians and activists were invited to compose less than three minute sound pieces based on the theme for that month. The work is heard when the audience dials a toll free number and listens to the pieces via telephone. My piece ran during the month of October which had the theme of Villainy.

Some of the projects are archived on Refarm's website. Other participating artists for the month of October include, Amalia Ortiz & Chris Wise, Jason Jay Stevens, Semiotech - Amy Khosbin & Mike Clemow Since the work is ever changing, make sure to dial 1-888-733-2761 to get in on some of the Lo-fi Toll-free fun. Or as Refarm claims, "For immediate relief of your anguish."


Refarm Spectacle