Rubber Bike

San Antonio, Texas


Get Your Rubber On! That is, your rubber suits. Is it First Friday already? Yes, once again I suited up for a cross-city public performance. April Fools made First Friday a stretchy escapade. This time my bicycle completely made from rubber, rendering it quite flexible and unable to be ridden, set the tone. I flopped around, fell down, tumbled, staggered, dragged, hauled, chucked and threw this foolish piece of bouncy art all the way across town, only stopping at my favorite deli and art venues along the way. How is that for an evolution of the long-standing safety bicycle frame design?

What about the suit? Hold on. That is what I had to do when the wind caught my urethane rubber hat sitting atop my rubber suit. On top of the hat was a video camera to document all pedestrians' zany comments. I flip flopped down the street and a few stairs in grand April Fools spirit. The ride got an extra early start to accommodate my snail's hiking pace, since I was on foot.

James Kuehnle performing with his Rubber Bicycle in San Antonio, Texas Cast Rubber Bicycle set on the ground

Get Your Rubber On! performance in San Antonio, Texas