Invisible Bike

San Antonio, Texas


Yes, the cycle is completely transparent, except for the chain and bearings. Constructed of Lexan or "bullet proof glass," the bike exists in a dual reality as sculpture and transportation. Once again the outfit compliments the bicycle sculpture this time as a clear vinyl suit. Citizens of Austin and San Antonio saw all or nothing since the bike and the suit were "invisible."

Detail of a clear plastic suit. Invisible Bicycyle outside of Bolm Studios in Austin, Texas.

Invisible Bike outside of Bolm Studios in Austin Texas during Texas Biennial.

In Austin stops at local galleries included in the Texas Biennial in addition to local art institions, with a final stop at Gallery Lombardi, where his much talked about FUCK Bike sculpture awaited patrons of the Texas Biennial. Stops in San Antonio remained the same. Not only did the public see the art but they saw plenty of the artist as well. The ride in Austin began at 12:00 near Bolm Sudios and ended with an attempt to drink from a "beer hat" made from over 60 feet of clear tubing.

Invisible Bicycle on the street. Invisible Bicycle waiting at a traffic light.

Invisible Bike waiting in traffic during Texas Biennial.