Project Row Houses

TV survellience shot of visitor peering into a camera at PRH

I expand my recent experiments with media in an installation at the Project Row Houses in Houston, TX. Scattered monitors beaming back images of viewers from discreet live camera feeds make a hyperaware space. Because of the number of monitors and the intentionally disorientating relationship of the monitors to camera placement, the viewer has a voyeuristic experience similar to that of a security guard while being a subject themselves.

Ordinarily safe home televisions with connotations of fun and good memories confront the viewer as objects turned against them. Questions about which is real emerge. The images are not recorded. The only way to experience them is in real time. At a single instant, viewers may have their image displayed on multiple monitors but be unable to see it. This creates a bewildering environment to scramble in search of which camera feeds which TV. People are recorded everyday by cameras without second thought, but now that they confront their own interlaced image they take notice. The domestic setting of the Project Row Houses is ideal over a traditional gallery for this installation.