The Bike That Draws

bicycle performance


These images document the third performance in the cross San Antonio series, The Bike That Draws. After fabricating the sleeker "word" bikes, I decides to loosen up. On the front of the bicycle is a Meta Matic drawing machine fashioned after Jean Tinguely's designs. During the performance a participant can sit on the front tractor seat, pedal a discrete set of pedals, and create a random drawing. this of course added to the overall weight, length, and danger of the bike. Since the bike concentrated on art production, the costume is a handmade canvas suit with a stretched canvas hat. Again, as the performance progressed anyone on the stree could select a marker from the pouches in the hat to scribble their own masterpieces on the raw canvas suit.

Bike That Draws - stopping at cultural institutions during performance

The event became quite hectic and The Bike That Draws has been exhibited at Gallery 101 in Houston, the Satelitte Space in San Antonio, and Houston Community College Central's Gallery during Jimmy Kuehnle: Art in the Streets. During the Houston show, ABC news did a live television spot. You can see the video clip below. It is quite amusing to see the reporter pedal the cumbersome "drawing bike" in his nice suit and makeup. I think he did a remarkably good job.

Bike That Draws - tinkering with drawing machine

Media Coverage

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