Big Jimmy is Watching

San Antonio, Texas


I brought my citywide series to a climatic finale on July 1st. Each month I constructed a vehicle or prop and traveled from 1604 and I-10 to the Blue Star Arts Complex, stopping at places such as the McNay, SAMA, Southwest School of Art and Craft, Artpace, the Riverwalk and, finally the Blue Star Complex.

Previous pieces included the FUCK Bike, recently included in the Texas Biennial in Austin. For the finale I carried as much audio-visual equipment as possible including TVs, cameras, speakers, microphones, batteries and more to record the public, spitting their images back at them in real time. I also donned a reflective polyester film suit, which transmitted images back to the public. This performance commented on the prevalence of surveillance cameras in our everyday lives, from the ATM to traffic lights.

In addition I exhibited previous performance bicycles at the UTSA Satellite Space. The opening reception was Thursday, June 30, 2005 from 6-9 pm for Siamese Triplets, which included myself and 2 other MFA sculptors from UTSA, Richie Budd, Brian Jobe. I collected bicycle relics from this year's performance series, ranging from the Invisible Bike to Get Your Rubber On!