San Antonio


This is the piece that started it all in San Antonio. I arrived in San Antonio after spending two years is Japan teaching English. There I set up a studio to continue my bicycle fabrication and performing from my undergraduate days. My professor asked me what my first project would be. I responded, "I'm going to make a FUCK Bike." He said that he didn't know if that was such a great idea. I made the bike the next week and showed it to him. At that point he said, "Well, its not like you could ride it downtown or anything." My experience riding my ecentric bicycles told me otherwise so I said, "Watch me."

Having tailored my first yellow satin suit during my stay in Japan, I decided that an outlandish costume would be appropriate for this project.

FUCK Bike NBC News Footage

November 5, 2004

News coverage of Jimmy Kuehnle's first performance bicycle ride in San Antonio, Texas. Kuehnle dons an outlandish costume and pedals a bicycle that spells out the word "FUCK" in capital letters. He rides the bicycle across San Antonio stopping at art galleries and museums along the way.