• Big Red

  • Austin, Texas

  • 2009

Fusebox Festival

Austin, Texas

April 23 - May 2

Fusebox is an annual contemporary art and performance festival that takes place in Austin, TX each April. This year I will perform with inflatable suits during the opening parade on the 23rd of April. I will take Big Red and Walking Fish to Austin.

Mark Walley chases with camera in hand after an inflatable suit made by Jimmy Kuehnle.
Mark Walley films Jimmy Kuehnle as he struggles down the street in an inflatable suit.

Big Red documentation by Mark Walley

James Kuehnle shows children how an inflatable suit works.
Children waiting in line to try out Jimmy Kuehnle's inflatable suit

Big Red performance at Fusebox Festival 2009

More inforamtion about the Fusebox Festival can be found at their website - www.fuseboxfestival.com.

Fusebox Festival in Austin, Texas