Bicycle sculptures exhibited in San Antonio by James Kuehnle

  • Fuck Bike | Bike That Draws

  • UTSA Satellite Space

  • 2005

Siamese Triplets | Jimmy Kuehnle | Richie Budd | Brian Jobe

UTSA Satellite Space

July 2005

Brian Jobe, Richie Budd and I proposed a show for the UTSA Satellite Space durning my first year of graduate school. Due to some scheduling conflicts with other shows thoughout the year aquired the Contemporary Art Month slot in July. This afforded the show more publicity and attendance. Contemporary Art Month is a monthlong celebration of the arts in San Antonio. I ended my cross-city bicycle performance seires with Big Jimmy is Watching in coordination with the exhibition.

Richie Budd exhibited one of his large machine contraptions with balloons and many remote controlled lights and other gizmos. During this stage of his practice everything stayed together with copious ammounts of hot glue. Brian Jobe exhibited work based around zip ties and florescent plastic. He has been riffing on these themes ever since.

Detail of a hand-made canvas suit with marker grafitti
Hand-made suit made by artist James Kuehnle

Bike That Draws - hand-made canvas suit

I exhibited the Fuck Bike, the Bike That Draws and the Invisible Bike along with their respective suits. On the morning of the opening I began pushing Big Jimmy is Watching along my usual route though the cultural institutions of San Antonio. Despite near 104 degree heat I managed to push the 7 televisions, camcorders and the gaoline powered generator that powered everything straight down Broadway to downtown. Josh Thomas helped me heave the sculpture down the road. During the opening I assited guests using the Bike That Draws drawing machine. Ken LIttle and many others made great drawings to take home.

UTSA Satellite Space anouncement card for Siamese Triplets exhibition for Jimmy Kuehnle, Richie Budd and Brian Jobe

Siamese Triplets - Jimmy Kuehnle | Brian Jobe | Richie Budd