Please, no smash. - MOCA Cleveland

Inflatable Art

Please, no smash

kinetic inflatable, nylon, blowers, winch, Arduino, electronics


The giant pink inflatable sculpture, Please, no smash engages the public, the architecture of the museum as well as the neighborhood.It is made from hundreds of yards of neon pink nylon fabric. The work is suspended above the audience. As it inflates it extends down toward the floor like a big pink ooze. It then pauses as if finished inhaling and then begins to recoil toward the ceiling as it deflates. An internal winch and mechanicals pull the sculpture up in the air. This cycle continues throughout the day in order to offer different views and experience to museum patrons. It contains 96 60w LED light bulbs that flicker in cue with the time of the day similar to a bell tower. At night a soft pink glow shines out through the glass of the building greeting the public and offering selfie taking delight. The position of the sculpture is intentional. It is in the atrium of the museum that does not require an admission charge. It is also visible through the glass so the non museum going public also has access to the piece.